6x Lavazza Qualita Rossa -Bundle (6x1kg Coffee Beans)

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Content: 6kg Coffee beans

The Qualità Rossa is a coffee with all the characteristics of a traditional Italian coffee. An experience of all the ENERGY and POWER that coffee can offer. Aromas with impressions of chocolate and dried fruit, a full lingering taste and a beautiful crema. This Lavazza classic has been a household name in Italy for over 120 years.

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Lavazza Qualita Rossa

The Qualità Rossa is one of the classics from Lavazza’s rich range. This traditional coffee has been an Italian passion for more than 120 years. Italian families don’t settle for less than the Qualita Rossa.

Thanks to the Italian branding, this blend has a strong taste with impressions of chocolate. Coffee with a thick crema layer. The Qualità Rossa is a nice all-rounder. If you like coffee with a rich taste and a full body, then you should definitely try this coffee. A strong coffee.


Chocolate, Fruity


40% Arabica 60% Robusta



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